What Is Computer RAM?

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Computer RAM, which stands for random access memory, temporarily stores data in exchange with a computer to keep computer running quickly. Find out how upgrading RAM is a great way to easily speed up a computer with information from a computer specialist in this free video on computer RAM.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Gary Malec and in this video I'm going to tell you exactly what computer ram is. Here I have a bunch of different examples. This is some older SD ram, this here is DVR which is the more modern format and this here is laptop ram; much smaller. What RAM is it stands for random access memory. What it does is it stores, temporarily stores data in exchange with the computer so it runs faster. Because if your hard drive had to act as ram, the time would take forever to load or do any extensive processes. When you open a program, your computer utilizes its ram to get the job done quickly. Ram just keeps getting faster and faster. You see all these chips, all these little black spots on the chip here, these are all memory. Okay, this a 120 meg chip and there's eight chips on here. So each one of these chips is 16 mega bytes of random access memory. And they're all rated at a certain speed usually megahertz. The newer ones, see this one here is 5300. So this 633, 633 megahertz ram this is. This one here is actually 800 megahertz ram and these older ones here are only 133 megahertz. And that's the speed that they will run with your bus on your computer. So basically that's it. RAM is random access memory. These little chips here get a lot done in your computer. It's a very cheap upgrade for your computer these days to get you running smoothly, running all these modern applications and Internet, streaming video and what not. So there you have it.


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