How to Install RAM on a PC

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Install RAM on a PC by determining what RAM the computer uses, finding the color-coded slots for a pair of RAM chips, lining up the RAM with the slots and gently pushing them into place. Make sure RAM lines up and corresponds to each other when installing it in a computer with instructions from a computer specialist in this free video on computer hardware.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Gary Malec, and in this video I'm going to show you how to install RAM into your desktop computer. Now a very important aspect of this is to find out what RAM you need, so always consult your owners manual, and it will be sure to tell you. This just so happens to take DDR2 which is a newer memory and on all Intel-based, you have put it in pairs, so if you have any Intel core two series or core two quad, or any of the newer Intels, they must go in in pairs, and in this computer I have four empty slots, and they're color coded so you can put them in together. RAM is the easiest upgrade you can do on your computer. It's the most bang for your buck. You can add a lot of muscle for not a lot of money. It's really simple, and in this board there are no RAM chips. I have two in my hand here, and as I stated earlier this is a late model Core two Pentium Intel, so therefore it has to be installed in pairs. You just take it, I'm going to go with the white tabs, make sure you line up - there's always going to be a slit in your RAM, as you can see here. Make sure you line that up with the slit on the board, push it in ever so nicely and with two fingers, it's important to take two fingers, and push on the outsides. And you hear it snap into place. Now that one is in, now let's try the second one. Make sure you put them both in the white or both in the black. Make sure they run together and correspond. They can not be the other way or they will not work. Push down two fingers, hear your snaps, and there you have it, your RAM is installed. Easy upgrade.


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