How to Change a Graphics Card

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Change a graphics card by grounding yourself before touching the inside of the computer, locating the different colored graphics card slot, unlatching the old card and snapping the new graphics card in place. Make sure the connections line up on the graphics card and the computer doesn't beep profusely when starting back up with advice from a network engineer and IT specialist in this free video on graphics cards.

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Video Transcript

So you would change your graphics card very similarly to changing any other component on your computer. The main thing to remember is always ground yourself whenever you're touching anything inside your computer. Ground yourself by simply touching the ground and also the case of the computer. So when you're inside the computer you'll see the motherboard which is basically where everything gets plugged into. And I have a motherboard here that will show and this is what it looks like sands the dust and right here you'll notice that it's a different color than all the other connectors here where card will go into. This different colored piece is generally going to be your graphics card slot. Some other boards even have two of these. But, this one here is particularly and AGP slot and I have an AGP card here to kind of demonstrate how these things are, are put in. So you just take the card and there's usually a latch on it that matches in the graphics card when you're actually done within seed; or when it's snapped into place. So I'm just going to push it in here and that's it and that's how you'd pull one out; usually latches down here, at the end here. You'd undo the latch and then unhook the one that you currently have, "ahhh", and then take your new one and snap it back in there and usually you'll hear click and you'll know that that's in place. Also, on the back here where your connectors are or when you take it out of the box, will be on the back of your computer. It will be perfectly aligned up the case that you have. So that's another way you can kind of tell things are firmly in place. Also a good indication that it's in place is that the computer doesn't start beeping profusely when you turn on the machine after you install the card. And that's pretty much how you change all your graphics card.


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