What Is Ginkgo Biloba Used For?

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Ginkgo biloba is used primarily to enhance memory function and to promote alertness as well. Learn about the use of ginkgo biloba to treat depression with help from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on health and nutrition.

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Video Transcript

My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I have been asked what is Ginkgo Biloba used for? Ginkgo Biloba is used primarily to enhance memory function. A lot of people have used it particularly as they have started to get older and have some problems with short term memory loss. A lot of people refer to it as having senior moments. These are the type of people that will benefit from taking Ginkgo Biloba. The thing to keep in mind is it doesn't necessarily work for everyone much like some of our medications, some of our prescription drugs don't work for everyone, Ginkgo Biloba is not going to work for everyone either. However, there have been some studies shown in some people who are older taking it for improved mental cognition, enhanced short term memory function. It also may potentially enhance your level of alertness just making your mental, your mental faculties a little bit more acute so you feel like you have a little bit more mental energy. So those are the primary reasons Ginkgo has been used. There has been a little bit of study for Ginkgo for various other bodily functions and treatment of various other disease states however, there hasn't been any scientific evidence that Ginkgo has an effect for any other condition for example with depression there hasn't been any evidence that Ginkgo can help improve depression. However, there have been some studies again in regards to memory so the primary area that Ginkgo is used is to enhance memory function.


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