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Feline toxoplasmosis can cause fevers, confusion, stupor and muscle pain in cats. Find out how toxoplasmosis can be a danger to the owner of the cat with the disease with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on cat health and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about toxoplasma in cats. Toxoplasmosis is the disease that toxoplasma the one cell protozoan parasite can cause in cats. Cats are a definitive host, it's the only definitive host of toxoplasma and it will insist in the brain and in muscles in cats very commonly. And it can cause fever, confusion, stupor, muscle pain, all sorts of symptoms in cats and so check with your veterinarian clinic they can give you more information associates with toxoplasmosis. The major concern with toxoplasmosis is coming from its zoonotic potential meaning it can be given to humans. The biggest concern is when a woman is pregnant it can infect actually the baby inside her and that can cause some severe infections and some abnormalities and so the concern is a woman should have a protective toxoplasma tighter and that can be done at a human physician's office. If they don't have a protective tighter than they are susceptible and the baby is susceptible to getting an infection of toxoplasma. In cats it causes long term problems typically but it can be treated with antibiotics and therefore they become carriers, they transmit these toxoplasma cysts by their fecal material which can go into gardens and in litter boxes and so you have to be very careful, use gloves if you have a cat that's positive for toxoplamsa when gardening or changing the litter and wash your hands thoroughly and most other common place is counter tops and raw meats or undercooked meats are very commonly sources of infection of toxoplasma. But talk to your veterinary clinic, they can give more information about that but it is a concern because of its zoonotic potential.


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