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Symptoms of feline asthma in cats include heavy breathing, open mouth breathing, coughing or vomiting. Find out why it's important to get an asthmatic cat checked out by a veterinarian with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on cat health and pet care.

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Let's talk about feline asthma symptoms. Feline asthma essentially is an allergic type of reaction to something in the environment or food and the allergic reaction is occurring in the lungs. What happens is there is fluid development, histamine release and there is broncho spasm and those are the little airways and so these cats can go from being very normal to having a very difficult time breathing very quickly and so it is considered an emergency. If you think your cat is breathing heavy for any reason get them to your veterinary clinic or emergency clinic. What happens is when they are reacting, when these cats are having their asthmatic attack they are developing little donuts of fluid in their airways and so when this occurs again they have very difficult time breathing. Fortunately most cats are basically, are responsive to medications. Those medications typically revolve around using an anti inflammatory like a steroid and using a broncho dilator and so we do this together to open up the airways and decrease the reactivity and decrease the inflammation. Human inhalers like Albuterol Inhalers or things have been used in cats as well. You always have to check with your veterinary clinic to see if that is appropriate therapy or what is the appropriate therapy. Cats with asthma are typically life long and so you know you always want to eliminate anything, candles, incense, things from your environment to help these guys out. These cats typically the most common symptoms are going to be breathing hard, open mouth breathing sometimes, vomiting, coughing, lack of appetite, laying around and being withdrawn is the most common symptoms. You can see them really use their abdominal muscles to breath and that could be a sign of asthma. If you think that's going on let your cat get checked out by your veterinary clinic.


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