Diarrhea Remedy for Dogs

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If a dog has diarrhea, the first step in treating it is to get a diagnosis for the cause of the problem. Discover why it's important to bring a dog that has diarrhea to a veterinarian with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on dog health and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about diarrhea remedies for dogs. Now the first thing to know is what is the diagnosis of diarrhea because there are lots of different causes. Parasitic, viral, bacterial, people food, food intolerance, colitis, you name it, there's lots of different reasons that there can be diarrhea in a dog. The second thing you need to know is you don't want to give anything over the counter to your pet without discussing this with your veterinarian first because lot of over the counters can be dangerous to your pet. In veterinarian medicine we diagnose the diarrheal cause first by doing a fecal sample to try to find out what the cause is, is it parasitic or is it a food change or something like that. As far as remedies are concerned, we use a lot of antibiotics if it's a bacterial issue or colitis or something like that. We also use some natural products like slippery elm which is basically a fiber matrix and this is given generally several times a day and it helps to bulk up the stool and help the GI system kind of get back to normal. Another thing that we use quite a bit in veterinary medicine these days is active cultures. There are active cultures designed specifically for dogs and sometimes we use active culture yogurt, things like that as remedies to help the GI system and their GI flora to re-maintain itself so they can get over the diarrhea. But always make sure you have a diagnosis first and the appropriate treatment first without giving anything over the counter.


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