Puppy Skin Disorders

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Puppies have a lot of skin disorders, but there are usually not allergy-based or metabolic. Find out why mange is so common in puppies with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on dog health and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about puppy skin disorders. Now there are quite a few skin disorders that can be in puppies and in adults but adults we see more metabolic problems, more allergy types of problems than we do in puppies and in puppies we see a lot of mange, Demedex Mange, Sarcoptes Mange is something that is very common in puppies. They get Demedex Mange from their mothers which is a type of mite and it can cause hair loss and secondary skin infections. We also see Sarcoptic Mange which can cause severe itching and irritation to the skin and so you always want to get a diagnosis first from your veterinary clinic of what your puppy's skin disorder is and if you think your puppy has a skin disorder you want to approach your veterinary clinic to see what that is. A lot of puppy skin problems revolve around either rashes called Puppy Pyoderma and that's something that we see a lot of times on the belly. It's like a staff infection rash that is on the ventral part of the belly, very common in puppies. You can see hair loss from mange and itching from mange as well but you have to get that diagnosed from your clinic. Also ringworm which we see occasionally in puppies can show up as a little area of hair loss and itchiness too and so those are the most common reasons that we will see a puppy here for a skin disorder. A lot of times they are growing very very fast and the environment is all new to them and so their skin may react to that and you may see just general rashes in them but make sure you get a diagnosis to rule out mange first because that can be sometimes long treatment and a difficult treatment and you want to get that ruled out.


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