How to Prevent Cat Spray

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Cat spraying, also known as urine spraying, is a normal behavior of male cats who have reached sexual maturity. Prevent cat spray by neutering a cat with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on cat health and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about how to prevent cats spraying. What we're talking about is urine spraying. Now, this is a normal thing that male cats will do when they reach sexual maturity which may be around six months of age or plus or minus a little bit there. What they do is they lean up against something and literally flick their tail, and spray their urine against surfaces. They normally do this because they are being territorial, and they're trying to tell every other cat that that is their surface, so that can be a normal thing. So, neutering them is the best prevention. Neutering them early, before maturity, is the best prevention for spraying. Now, a spraying cat that is under mature, or is doing that, or urinating outside the litter box; there can be a medical problem going on or a physical issue, so you've got to get a diagnosis from your veterinary clinic, you know, that there's not a urinary tract infection going on too at the same time that could be causing spraying. And so, spraying, in a behavioral sense, can be lots of reasons. They can do that when you have multiple cats in one household and they are upset about the litter issue, and so multiple litter boxes is a key to that. Now, some cats can spray also if they're upset about the litter type; clay type versus clumping type, so talk to your clinic about that. Pheromones play a huge role in cat spraying. When you have young cats that are spraying over top of other cats urine they're doing that for pheromone reasons. They smell those pheromones; they want to cover it. And so, there are products that you can spray on those areas that they're spraying on that are, that can cover pheromones, and there are also some synthetic pheromone sprays that you can spray in these areas that calm these cats down. So anyway, neutering is going to be your best prevention for male cats that are spraying, but if they're doing that for abnormal reasons, obviously, make an appointment with your veterinary clinic to find out if there is a medical reason first.


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