What Do the Codes on Personal Checks Mean?

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The codes on personal checks represent the identification numbers of the bank and the personal account. Learn how bank identification numbers are used to deposit or withdraw money from a bank account with information from a financial consultant in this free video on bank accounts.

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Video Transcript

Do you ever look at your own checks, and see a series of numbers on the bottom, and wonder what they are? Hi, this is Roger Groh, Groh Asset Management, and today we're here to talk about checks, and what those numbers mean. Well, here's an example, here's an example, if you were to look at the bottom of this check, on the left hand side, the first numbers represent the routing number, that identifies the bank, that actually holds your money. So, if your money were at Bank of America, there will be one number. If your money were at CitiBank, it would be another, and if your money were at HSBC, it would be another. On the right side, is actually your own account number at the bank. So, what happens is, once you take this check, and you hand it off to somebody, they then take it and cash it, these numbers are scanned, and your bank is notified to debit your own account the dollars that you've written on the check. It's very efficient, happening mostly within 24 hours, here in the United States. Could be as many as 72, if you live far away. So, take a look in the bottom someday, you'll recognize your own account number, and the banks routing number, that's technically the name on the left. Hope that helps, this is Roger Groh at Groh Asset, and thank you very much for spending time with me.


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