Common Ways to Invest Money

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Common ways to invest money are savings accounts, money market accounts, bonds, stocks, individual equities and mutual funds. Find an investment with an appropriate amount of risk and return for your financial abilities with advice from an investments manager in this free video on investing.

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Video Transcript

Common ways to invest money. One of the most common ways is a savings account, and we probably all are familiar with that. Second, would be maybe a step up from that, would be maybe a higher yielding money market account. These are all usually things held with a bank, and then a certificate of deposit, you can do a CD, it's another safe way of putting in a term deposit. Other ways of investing, are bonds, whether they be savings bonds, or government bonds, or corporate bonds, different things that produce an amount of income over a period of time, and at a stated rate, and then from there, preferred shares of stock, individual equities, and other ways to invest would be in mutual funds, whether it be closed end mutual funds, or open ended mutual funds, so there are many ways to invest money, and really some of the easiest things, being savings account, which is just simple deposits, all the way through to maybe more sophisticated stock trading.


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