Safest Ways to Invest Money

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The safest ways to invest money are investments that have a guaranteed rate of return, such as a money market account, CD or savings account. Get an implicit interest rate on investment money to avoid risk with advice from an investments manager in this free video on investing.

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Video Transcript

So what are the safest ways to invest money? Well the safest ways are anything that's going to give you a stated rate of return and it has some sort of guarantee you or implicit guarantee behind it. So for a very safe rate of return, we're talking about something like a money market account or certificate of deposit, even a savings account. They're going to give you a stated rate of interest rate; a stated rate of return. But you know your money's safe, there's really not much to think about; you know what it's going to be, you calculated from the beginning so when you want to take the money back. The difference between a safe, a very safe investment like that to something that has maybe more risk is something that will pay a little bit higher return but again you are taking on some more risk and some of that risks may, might be something that you really don't have to worry about; but it is risk, it is something you have to identify. So the safest ways to invest are anything with again, a state rate of return or interest and something that has some sort of implicit or implicit guarantee or guarantee behind it.


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