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Mail packages for a business by creating pre-printed labels, developing a system for attaching an address to the label and finding a reliable shipping company. Consider using the eBay shipping system or FedEx to mail packages with tips from a small business owner in this free video on running a business.

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Hi, my name's Justyn, with Justyn Paul Management, and I'm going to talk with you today about how to mail packages. This is incredibly important for businesses now a days especially, that their primary point of sale is going to be their website, or even over the phone. And what a lot of these businesses are doing these days are, they have a small warehouse, maybe even in their garage where they have an inventory, they sell it on line, package it, and ship it. So what I'm going to be discussing, are ways to improve efficiency, as well as to just get you started if you're looking at getting one of these types of businesses going. First of all, you need a computer with an Internet connection, and a good printer. And what you're going to do, is once you have all of that set up, which you likely do already, is you're going to get some preprinted labels, or even just blank labels, and print all of your information, all at one time. And what you want to have is a system, so that every time a sale comes through, your address, where your package is going to be shipped, the weight, your return address and everything is already in one spot. And what this does is it creates huge efficiencies for you. And it's better to have a larger label, where you have all of the information printed, and you affix it to your package, then it is to try and print several labels, and to try and have to figure out which label goes where. And I have seen times where labels got mixed up that way, and it created all kinds of problems. So, a simple system where you can quickly, and easily have all of your labels printed in one place, in one, hopefully on one label affixed to your package. That'll save you a ton of time. Many of the companies out there right now that offer these kinds of services, that will allow you to have systems that quickly print the customers' shipping address, and the package weight. Ebay even has their own system, so you can look that up very easily. And there are a couple of other services available. But, that is by far the easiest way to go. The next thing you need to consider are whether or not to use the US postal service, FEDx, UPS, there are a number of other carriers like DHL as well, and depends on what you're shipping, and that's still only the real good answer to that question. Depends on where these packages are going to. In my experience, I tend to stick with a particular carrier, and I have relationships with that carrier. If I ever have a question, I have somebody that I can call, and a name on the other end of the line that helps me. And sometimes I pay more using this particular carrier, and sometimes I pay less. In the end, in my experience, it washes out. So, if you can find a carrier that works within your community, that has a place where you can bring packages to, or they can pick them up from your location very quickly, that's going to be the best way to go. And it may just be a simple matter of proximity. If you have a FedEx location that's very close to you, but you prefer working with DHL, but they're another ten miles away, it may be worth trying to see if you can work with FedEx as an example, to work a deal, so that you can have a location, or have somebody that can be there quickly to pick up packages.


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