How to Get a Health Insurance for Low-Income Families

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Getting health insurance for low-income families can be done by applying for Medicaid or by obtaining inexpensive health insurance that carries high deductibles. Avoid getting stuck with large medical bills by finding affordable health care coverage with help from an insurance representative in this free video on health insurance.

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This is John Pinelli, financial representative, talking to you about how to get health insurance for low-income families. Low-income families can obtain health insurance through Medicaid if they are eligible and meet the eligibility requirements. Now, to do so, they would need to fill out the necessary forms, and provide some proof of their low income or financial instability. Now, for individuals who are unable to qualify for Medicaid but are still of low income there are affordable health insurance plans out there. Plans that would be very affordable would be plans with higher deductibles, because you are not able to obtain a lot of assistance from the plan unless you satisfy the deductible. And if the the deduct, the deductible's very high, chances are you could be paying a lot out of pocket before the insurance policy even kicks in, but in the very least, a plan with a five thousand dollar deductible would provide you still a significant amount of coverage should you have a fifteen or twenty thousand dollar surgery. Would you rather be paying twenty thousand dollars out-of-pocket, or would you rather be paying five plus fifty bucks a month. So, those are important factors to consider. If you don't have any health insurance at all, and you do get stuck with this large medical bill there are certain negotiations you can make with some of these hospitals. They can do things like propose payment plans so you're paying down a small portion each month, or it's possible even to negotiate and have these payments reduced. Oftentimes, this may not be the case, and it could potentially ruin your credit, but if you are faced with this large medical bill do your best to try to work with the hospital to either have that payment reduced, or have it stretched out over a longer period of time. So, this has been John Pinelli, financial representative, talking to you today about health insurance for low-income families.


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