Different Types of Camera Lenses

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The are two basic types of camera lenses, including fixed lenses and removable lenses. Discover what types of lenses are used with a removable lens camera, such as telephoto or wide angle lenses, with help from a videographer in this free video on types of camera lenses.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is James Flint and I'm a photographer and videographer and I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about the different types of lenses. Basically there is two different types of lenses and then there are some other categories within those two different types but lets first talk about the major distinction. A video camera like this has a fixed lens. What that means is you cannot take the lens on and off. It does have built in zoom so you can zoom in and out but you're not going to be able to use a different lens for different settings so you are kind of stuck with whatever the range is of your fixed lens. The opposite of a fixed lens is a removable lens and these can be found on both still cameras and video cameras and a removable lens is exactly that. It is a lens that allows you to remove it and replace it with something more ideal for whatever you are shooting. Different types of lenses you may use with a removable lens camera is a telephoto lens, a wide angle lens or a prime lens and now this gets to another distinction so in the removable lens category you have prime and then you have zoom lenses. The prime lenses are set to one focal length like 35 millimeters and that's all you shoot in so if you are shooting in video on a prime lens and you need to zoom in you actually have to move the camera closer to the subject. Some of the advantages of a prime lens is it allows more light in so you can shoot and get better quality in low light situations you don't need as much artificial light and you don't need to adjust your settings as much. But some cons of the prime lens is that you are stuck in that one setting or that one focal length, you're not going to be able to zoom in and out quickly so again there is the opposite of a prime lens is a zoom lens much like this telephoto lens, it can get as wide or as long as 300 millimeters and as short as 200 millimeters, great for capturing sports or everything where you just can't get up close. Some advantages is it allows you to zoom in and out really fast. If you are shooting action sometimes you have to be able to react really fast but a disadvantage is that it doesn't let as much light in as a prime lens so again you have got two major categories with a fixed lens and a removable lens and then under the removable category you have prime lenses which you cannot adjust, they are focal length and then you have zoom lenses which allows you to adjust the focal length so that is what we need to know about lenses.


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