How to Announce Relocation of a Business

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Announce the relocation of a business by sending out e-mails or postcards, advertising in local newspapers and on local cable television channels, and contacting the local Chamber of Commerce. Plan a function to announce the re-opening of a business that is moving with advice from a public relations and marketing professor in this free video on business marketing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark, and we're going to discuss how to announce the relocation of a business. Businesses relocate for various reasons. One, for example, might be the business is located in a building that's just been sold. The business is expanding and it needs to move to new premises. Natural disasters happen. I don't know. There was an earthquake and the building collapses. Many reasons for a business to move on. But when this happens, it's very important, obviously, that you alert your customers that you are moving because, obviously, you want them to move and visit you at your your new location. So how do we do this? Well, first things first, you have to find out when exactly the date of the move is going to take place. So you need to bear that in mind. That would include...involve some planning, but you need to think about this in advance. Then if a lot of your business is done online, you should send an email to a database of customers and databases are either ones that you've collected on your own as a business or, in fact, just buying a local database is possible, too. The next thing you can do depending, obviously, on the location and the locale of your business is to send a postcard out. Obviously, to do this, locally is recommended. Internationally, possibly not. But it's an also cheap option to consider. You could post an ad in the local newspaper, which is also a good idea. And this will obviously distribute it to many thousands of people, and which will cover your existing and potentially new businesses. It's also quite practical to post an ad on local cable television because, obviously, this is regionally-based, and that can cover, again, a large volume of people within a locale and inform people of your decision to move on to new premises. It's also possible to get public service announcements on local radio, and you might want to consider this. Again, radio stations are very popular, and a lot of people are constantly in touch with what's going on locally. Another very good source of communication is the local Chamber of Commerce, and it's in their interest to obviously update their files and to inform the community or the local business community of one of its members decisions to move to a new place. And the local Chambers of Commerce also publish local newsletters, so this is a great tool for you. Another idea that you might want to consider is when you actually reopen, you should have some form of function, event, party, and this will also be an opportunity for you to promote the fact that you have moved into a new location. Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your move.


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