How to Make Movie Gunshot Effects

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Gunshot sound effects for movies are created by either using a real gun, using a fake gun with blanks, recording the sound of a firecracker or popping an inflated plastic bag. Create a gunshot sound effect, which can be edited on the computer, with information from a professional special effects technician in this free video on filmmaking.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, my name is John P. Funk with the Cosmic Funk Studio and I'm here to talk about how to make a movie gunshot. O.k., there's many ways to approach making a movie gunshot sound effects. You can actually use a real gun, which I wouldn't recommend because you need to get permits. You can use a fake gun with blanks which is the second best thing. And if you don't have the money to do that you could use something as simple as a firecracker like I have here or a plastic bag. If you use the firecracker approach you basically go in the backyard or a safe area and you light it and you have some kind of recording device with a microphone that you can record the effect. You can even go as simple as just using a digital camera with your sound turned on so you can record the sound effect. If you don't have a firecracker, you could use a plastic bag like shown here where you could just blow it up, tie it down and pop it. And after you record the sound effect you could take it in to your computer system, then you could do editing like adding re-verb for the echo from the outside. You can do many different things that create the real gunshot sound effect, then when you edit it in to your film you have a real realistic sounding gunshot effect that sounds like you just shot a gun outside.


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