Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

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The benefits of vitamin E oil include possibly helping reduce the appearance of scars and working as an antioxidant when ingested. Consider that vitamin E oil may clog pores and cause acne when rubbed on the skin with information from a licensed dietitian in this free video on nutritional supplements.

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Video Transcript

My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I'm going to talk to you about the benefits of Vitamin E oil. There are a lot of different anecdotal reports of vitamin E oil as far as it reducing the appearance of scars. Many, many, many years you have heard of people using vitamin E oil to actually help their skin heal better. However there aren't actually a lot of scientific studies that show this benefit. In fact some of the research shows that when people rub vitamin E oil directly on their skin for an extended period of time, it can actually cause dermatitis or it can actually irritate the skin. It may also clog the pores and therefore cause acne. So directly rubbing vitamin E oil on your skin may not be the best idea because in your own particular case it may actually aggravate your skin or cause it to be more inflamed. Some people again anecdotally have said they notices a benefit for example if they've had a burn or if they've had stitches or some type of incision by rubbing the oil on there they've noticed that their skin has actually improved. Some surgeons suggest that it's actually the rubbing action not so much the vitamin E oil that helps decrease the appearance of a scar because that rubbing actually softens the new skin that is being formed and helps it heal better. So it's actually the massaging action that helps decrease the appearance of the scar when new skin is being formed rather than the vitamin E oil itself. Vitamin E ingested as a capsule or in foods is an antioxidant and that means that it can help neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are basically things that occur naturally in your body but they're also introduced by environmental toxins or traumas and so for that reason when you actually take it in, it can help neutralize those effects and therefore decrease damage that can occur for example to your cells, to your body tissues, to your DNA. So ingested it actually has more of a benefit then actually used topically.


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