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There are many claims about the health benefits of Tahitian noni juice, but there are no studies that can confirm that it will cure or prevent any particular health condition. Include Tahitian noni juice as part of a health diet for the antioxidants with advice from a licensed dietitian in this free video on healthy nutrition.

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My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I'm going to talk to you about the health benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice. This particular type of juice was initially found through multi level marketing companies. It really wasn't very easily available and stored in health food stores. It actually is being seen more often now in various stores. One of the things that it reported to help with is reducing or helping prevent cancer. It is also reported to help with just about every health condition, arthritis, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes. Unfortunately there really aren't any studies that say that this actually does help reduce or prevent any of these particular conditions. However, Noni Juice does come from a particular plant that is primarily grown in Southeast Asia and it does have a lot of antioxidants. It has a lot of other vitamins and minerals to it as well so there is the potential for it to be a healthy food but again it likely isn't a miracle cure. It likely isn't necessarily any healthier than any other foods or vegetables that you can get. The main thing you want to keep in mind is that all fruits and vegetables have some health benefit to them. Each color of fruit or vegetable indicates a different type of fido chemical or fido nutrient that it has, different levels of antioxidants, different vitamins, different minerals and all of these things can help prevent some health conditions. They're not necessarily going to cure them but if you get them in adequate quantities it really can help keep your body healthy and strong and help you fight off infection and help you to reduce your risk of many health conditions. So you don't want to rely on Noni Juice as a miracle cure or depend on it and begin discontinuing medications if you happen to be taking a medication. It generally has a very low risk of side effects to it is perfectly safe to try it in small amounts. There have been a couple of isolated reports of actual liver toxicity associated with Noni Juice. It is not really known for sure if it was the actual Noni Juice that caused the liver problem or if it may have been a compounding factor but you do want to be cautious not to overdo it and not to drink an entire glass, two to four ounces it the recommended dose because it is a very strong tasting juice but in general again it may have health benefits. There isn't any scientific proof that it will actually cure anything.


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