How to Clean a Fish Bowl

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Cleaning a fish bowl should be done using de-chlorinated water and a fresh sponge to maintain the natural bacteria that keeps the fish healthy. Clean a fish bowl, keeping the environment safe for the fish, with instructions from a koi breeder and aquarium specialist in this free video on fish care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jim Newman from Making Waves Incorporated and we're going to show you how to properly clean a fish bowl. In this instance Beta-Splendin and we're going to go ahead and properly clean this fish bowl right here. To do this properly what we're going to need is we're going to need a clean sponge or Audi scrubber pad that is only going to be used for that purpose. If you use a sponge make sure that you buy a sponge and that's all you're going to do is use this for cleaning the fish bowl. If there's any soap or other contaminants on it will possibly kill the fish. So you do not want to use this unless it is a clean unused sponge and then only going to be used for that purpose. To do this what we have is we have a bucket full of water that's already been dechlorinated, and it's clean. It's been dechlorinated with AMQUA or NoVaqua. So what we'll do is we'll go right ahead and we'll get the fish out. Usually you would use a fish net. In this instance I will use my hand as I have been doing this for a long time. I'll go right ahead and place the fish inside the dechlorinated water, go right ahead and take a sponge, dip in some of the dechlorinated water and then we'll go right ahead and clean the vessel completely of any kind of algae and or debris that's there. We'll then go right ahead and rinse the rocks. Dump out the water and if necessary using the dechlorinated water we'll go right ahead and refill the vessel and rinse the rocks off again. You do not want to use chlorinated water from the tap because what happens is you already have bacteria on this rock right here which is helping maintain the equilibrium inside the vessel itself, biologically. Now that we have cleaned the bowl, we can go right ahead, put in the desired amount of water, getting the fish back and putting the fish back in to the bowl. Once you have the fish back in the bowl you can go right ahead and wipe down all the excess water that's on the outside with a paper towel and voila, you're done.


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