How to Build an Electrical Circuit in a Model House

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A model house circuit is the same as the circuits that exist in a real house, yet it contains a limited number of components. Build an electrical circuit in a model house with a power supply and a switch with help from a science teacher in this free video on electrical circuits.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Steve Jones, and I'm going to explain how to build a model house circuit. Well, a model house circuit is actually just like the circuit that you have in your real house. The only thing is there's a limited number of components. In fact, the components you will need are the cell or power supply, whatever it might be, a lamp of some kind, and a switch. It's only lamps that you can get small versions of. In model houses you don't usually have things like washing machines because we don't make miniature washing machines. So, let's have a look at how the circuit actually works. Well, it's this part is the important part; this part in the ceiling of any room, and of course the switch on the wall. This is the complicated bit, but actually it's quite simple, because any connector you should have a connector. Usually, they have four connectors in there of which you only actually need three. But in fact, in a little household circuit you'd probably use what people sometimes call chocky bar, but basically it's connecting strip which has a series of little connectors with screws in the middle. Now, what you do is you can put a wire in at either side, or both in at the same side and screw it down, and that connects the two wires together. So, this would work for a little household circuit. This is quite small. In length it's about a centimeter or so. It's ideal for this purpose. What we do is in this case we assign this circuit, this one here we will call the minus, and in every place in your house that you're building you connect it together with the minus wire, so you get the wire from the minus of the battery and you connect to there, and then you take it to the next one and it connects to that, so just connect it to the wall. The positive, the plus is the same. You connect it through always to the same place. Now, if you've got this kind of bar you make that one the minus, that one the plus, right. Now, what you now do is you don't only make this one the plus; this is the plus and one side of the switch. So, here's the switch. There are two wires to the switch. One of them, it doesn't matter which one, goes to that. The other one goes to this. So, that's the other switch wire, so the switches go to there and there. And then, your light is connected to the minus one, and your light is connected to the other side of the switch. So, on this one so the negative is also connected to one side of the lamp. The switch is connected to the positive, so that's the positive and the switch. The other side of the switch is connected to that one, and it's also connected to that. So, the lamp is connected to that and that, the switch to that and that, the positive to that, sorry, the negative to that, and the positive to that. It's as simple as that, and you do it the same for each connection. Then, your switch will control this lamp and this lamp only. Remember that the ones marked plus and minus actually go all round the house, so you just have two wires and you can take it everywhere and just connect each one one after the other as long as they're all connected to those two. And then, for each one you do this arrangement and it will give you a light that is operated by that switch. So, there you are. How to build a model house circuit.


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