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Low-carb snack foods include nuts in small portions, string cheese, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, nut butters and non-starchy vegetables. Snack on low-carb, healthy foods to aid in weight loss with information from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on healthy eating.

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Video Transcript

My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I'm going to give you some examples of low carb snacks. There are many different low carb snacks available. A lot of it really depends on personal preference on the things that you like. Nuts are one example. Nuts can be a very good healthy snack, they have very little carbohydrate, they do have a lot of fat but it's the healthy kind of fat. They also have protein. So as long as you keep your portion size under control, say for example you limit your nuts to between a quarter cup and a third cup at a time, and no more than one serving in a day, that's a perfectly healthy snack. Cheese can also be another low carb snack that can be healthy depending on the cheese. If you use something like the mozzarella cheese sticks, those are generally made with a part skim milk so they're naturally low fat, they have a lot of calcium, a lot of protein so they're very good low carb snack that's very healthy for you. Now there are also other things that you can buy, processed foods that are low carb, when the low carb craze hit a few years ago, there was tons of products available from Atkins, from South Beach, whether they're protein bars or low carbohydrates snack items, there are a lot of things that you can actually buy on the market that are specifically low carbohydrate. But if you're looking more for fresh foods, things that you can have easily available at home, things that you might be able to make yourself or just kind of grab off the shelf that are more natural again, things like the nuts, the string cheese, cottage cheese is another good choice, it particularly if you use the low fat kind it has very little fat in it, even the regular cottage cheese doesn't have that much fat but if you get the low fat it's even less. However it still has very little carbohydrate to it, it has a lot of protein and again a lot of calcium. Some things that other people enjoy, boiled eggs. Boiled eggs can actually be a good grab and go snack that's more of a natural food. Guidelines as far as the cholesterol in eggs did change a few years ago, they found that eating eggs really doesn't raise your bad cholesterol the way they used to think it did. So boiled eggs can be another good low carbohydrate snack. Peanut butter, any of the nut butters. Any type of non-starchy vegetables, things like the baby carrots, the celery sticks, broccoli, those are also very good low carbohydrate snacks that you can grab and go. So again there's a variety of things, whether you choose to use fresh foods or you want to use processed foods, if you're using processed foods, again just make sure that it says specifically that it is a low carbohydrate food choice.


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