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Learning the art of tattooing is a long process that requires gathering a portfolio of artwork, finding someone to train you and spending years as an apprentice. Pay attention, and learn from more experienced tattoo artists with help from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on tattoo artistry.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I am Lenny, from Addicted 2 Tattoos in Tampa, Florida, I am going to talk to you today about learning the art of tattooing. Tattooing is a very, specialized field of art. A person who has natural artistic tendencies might be drawn to this field because it offers a lot of freedom to express yourself through the medium of tattooing on peoples' skin. In the beginning when you first learn to tattoo you most likely will not be able to tattoo on peoples' skin, you should start out on practice skin, or on pig ears or on some other medium besides human skin, because in the beginning your skills will not be up to par to produce a tattoo that should be on human skin. We often advise people who want to get into this business the first thing that they need to do is develop a portfolio of their drawings. These drawings should reflect your style and your concept of what a good tattoo looks like, the way you can learn to do this is by studying other peoples' tattoos particularly in magazines and on television and on the Internet. Once you have a book of artwork that you can show demonstrates your skills and design work as a tattoo artist, then the next step would be to find someone to train you. A lot of us in this business thought we could learn by teaching ourselves, by reading books, by going to the Internet, unfortunately you really can't learn that way you need to have somebody who has been in the business take you by the hand and train you through an apprenticeship. Once you find a studio who will take you on as an apprentice, be prepared to spend quite a bit of time learning. Pay attention, watch the artists around you, and ask questions. Once you have reached the point where they feel you are ready to start tattooing human skin, they will let you know, before then though you should not try to tattoo human skin because there is a large chance that you could do more damage then good. So, getting into the field of tattooing is a long process but it is very doable, it starts with being an artist, and it starts with showing your talent and your skill, and it starts with training. I am Lenny Welch from Addicted 2 Tattoos in Tampa, Florida. Thank you.


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