How to Become State-Certified as a Tattoo Artist

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Becoming a state-certified tattoo artist differs from state to state, but generally an apprenticeship under a licensed tattoo artist and supervision by a physician is enough to pass local health code. Begin a career as a state-certified tattoo artist with information from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on body modification.

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Video Transcript

HI, I'm Brandon Pearce with Foolish Pride Tattoo Company in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm here to give you a little information how to become a state certified tattoo artist. Most of what you need to know it can be learned through a proper apprenticeship through a, an already licensed tattoo artist; it cost you a little money, it'll save you in the long run. Also, you can check with your local health department. Every state is different from state to state. Some involve being a little supervision with the doctors. Some involve the task you have to taking classes you have to take. We're located in St. Petersburg, Florida so here we had to become license under a supervision of physician. We found a physician, he went through inspected all of our equipment as well as our skills, abilities and knowledge of blood borne pathogens and anything else that could go wrong possibly in, in the shoot of deals of blood. Definitely something to think about. So really check with your health department, find that out. Most of that information is online for you. It's free to the public so definitely take a look at what you need to do according to your state; also proper tattoo apprenticeship is the only way to go. Don't try to pick up without learning the trade from someone who already knows it. Again, I'm Brandon Pearce with Foolish Pride Tattoo Company in St. Petersburg, Florida. Good luck tattooing and definitely go through the right avenues.


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