How to Retire a Millionaire by Age 68

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Retire a millionaire by 68 years old through careful planning, putting away money on a regular basis, developing an emergency fun and buying real estate. Use stocks and bonds to help with retirement funds using tips from a registered financial consultant in this free video on retirement.

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This is financial adviser, Patrick Munro, talking about How to Retire A Millionaire By Age 68. Normally, this is an age that is a little past the age of retirement, traditionally being 65. And a million dollars is not a lot of money, when you consider if you start early in your life with an appropriate budget, whereby you have paid yourself first. Modestly, at first, because you didn't have a lot of money when you were younger. But if you developed a habit of putting money away, and developing an emergency fund first, then a series of stocks and bonds and mutual funds secondary, having your own home, thirdly, and then perhaps developing other real estate, as time goes by, you'll see that you'll have these assets in your life and you will have developed a significant amount of money by an age of 68 years of age. Sixty eight is actually considered to be the new fifty eight nowadays, because people are living to be much longer life span than they ever did before. Once you receive your dollars in the form of a million dollars, if you will, you can turn that into an income stream, as well. This is financial adviser, Patrick Munro, talking about how to retire a millionaire by age 68.


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