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Some companies make kits on growing frogs, and this can be a good way to watch the entire metamorphosis process. Find out how to create an environment for frogs to live in with help from a veterinarian in this free video on frogs and pet care.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about how to grow a frog. There are actually some companies that make kits on growing frogs, and so that's a nice way to have the entire setup and watch the entire metamorphosis process, so growing frogs can be an educational, an entertaining type of thing for children to do as a very good learning experience because frogs go through a unique life cycle. They start out as tadpoles in frog spawn, which is an egg mass. And so, in that egg, they will grow their tails and then break from their egg shell. Once there, which is just a tiny membrane. They have gills and that's how they breathe in water. They usually are in shallow water, most of the time eating vegetation. After that occurs, the front legs start growing and they start resorbing their tail. As they resorb the trail, they use that for nutrition and generally don't eat very much during that time. After the tail starts resorbing, the rear legs grow, and that tail starts resorbing all the way. That's why frogs and toads are in the order anura, which means without a tail. And so once that tail is resorbed fully, these guys then are sub-adult or young frogs, and so they have front and rear legs, and their gills are already resorbed and they're breathing air. Frogs and toads vary quite a bit. Tah...frogs are very semi-aquatic or or like to live in semi-moist environments, whereas toads often like to live in more terrestrial environments. But you can check on-line or you can check into these kits and they will provide everything you need from start to finish as far as how is growing, how to grow a frog. They again go through a unique life cycle, can be very educational and very, very fun to grow and watch.


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