How to Dress Like a Rock Star

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To dress like a rock star, wear lots of leather, heeled boots, a corset, tight pants, sunglasses and fun accessories. Spike out hair for a rock-and-roll style with advice from a costumer, designer and cosmetologist in this free video on rock star clothing.

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Video Transcript

How to dress like a rock star. Well you're going to want to find what rock star is it that you want to look like and of course mimic whatever their fashions are. When I think of rock star though, I think of leather, I think of rock and roll sunglasses, crazy rock and roll hair and lots of black and metal-esque kind of jewelry and garb. So here we have Kelly, we've gone into her closet and found her some great jeans to put on as her rock star along with some great heeled boots. I would definitely suggest high heels for your rock star look. There's a many variety of rock star boots out there, snake skin comes to mind as a popular choice for rock stars, any of those kind of things are going to be great. But make sure your boots or your shoes has got a heel on them. And you're going to want to from there on, either whether it is a pair of pants or a skirt, very rock and roll-esque is definitely the appeal, so a little bit on the shorter side if you're doing a skirt and definitely on the tighter side if you're doing slacks. Here we've put Kelly in a great corset that we found for her. Just simply using her brazier that she has at home, you certainly don't have to add too much here to already get a great rock and roll look. So we did add a little bit of a rock and roll necklace and of course the masterpiece to the whole ensemble, the leather overcoat. Now this is a great overcoat and if you're so lucky to have something like this, I highly suggest wearing it for your rock and roll look. If not, possibly borrowing or having something made. Whether or not it's long or short, get some leather on you. If nothing else, if all you have is a vest, then use that. But every rock and roller has to have some leather on them. You're going to want to finish it off with some kind of great rock and roll hair. If you don't have any hair, I suggest spiking it out and doing a little craziness there or go getting a wig. As well you can see that we really didn't do too much, we added a little spray and gel to give it kind of a wet look, I would suggest that for your rock and roller. They always seem to have a ready rock and roll hair that has a little bit of a shine to it one way or another, so I think that's important for your rock and roll hair definitely. And of course some great lips and some eye wear to finish off your rock and roller. And every rock and roller wears their sunglasses at night, so don't feel afraid that even if it's an evening thing that you've got your sunglasses on. And these are great ideas for giving you a great rock and roll ladies look.


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