How to Dodge a Punch

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In boxing, it's important to avoid getting hit and to dodge punches by dropping weight and slipping from side to side. Learn about dodging punches while keeping the hands up with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing training.

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Video Transcript

So in this segment I'm going to show you how to dodge a punch. We have to avoid getting hit. Very, very, very good thing in boxing is you really don't want to get hit that much. Okay. So the best thing is mostly comes down to footwork again. Now when you want to slip a punch, which is just avoiding the shot by going from side to side, you drop your weight to each leg. Okay. When you drop your weight to your back leg, you'll slip to your right; drop your weight to your front leg, you'll slip to the left. This is great because when you drop here, okay, your leg is your spring, again we power, this is what we went before in, when other technique in power had a great punchy power. You slip down and come back up. Your power is in your legs then your hips. Okay. The second one to avoid a punch is to dock them wave. And same thing, you're dropping down and making like you U shape. Hands up of course. You don't drop down with your hands down because when you come up, you're going to get knocked out. So you drop down, move to your left and move to your right; move to your left and move to your right so when there's trying hooks, you're moving under the hook and coming back with your counter hook. When you're trying your right hand, they go under right hand, come under the right, come back with your counter right hand. Okay. If I want to block a punch, when you throw a jab, you just brush it out of the way. So with jab, you're just brushing it out of the way like that. Jab, brushing out of the way. When they throw a right hand, you need to slip it. Okay. You slip the right hand and come back. Again, if she throws a jab, you brush it down and come through with a straight right hand over the top. Hahahaha, it really suck! So she throws a jab, come across and a straight right hand; that's your counter punch. Okay. So there's two ways; if you're blocking an upper cut; you catch the upper cut, you counter the upper cut with a left hook. Okay. So let's catch the upper cut and counter with left hook. Done.


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