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Two aspects of punching speed include technique and balance, specifically balance with the feet and punching with the hips. Find out how to do plometric exercises to build punching speed with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing training.

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Video Transcript

So in this episode, I'm going to show you how to develop punching speed and power. Alright, now there's two things about punching speed is technique and balance. This is probably one of the most important things so you don't over punch, throw yourself off balance, get knocked out. So, it's balance with your feet. Basically... so when you're standing here, use pivoting... so you're using more of your hips. Once you pivot, your hips come into play, and you're not arm punching. So, one pivot leads you into the next shot. That's probably about the most basic thing for that. Another way of developing punching speed is to do plyometric movement. Upper body plyometrics and lower body plyometrics. Plyometrics, one and one surface... or one foot on one surface for the least amount of time. This is just a pure speed exercise, gets your head and your hands and your feet working as one. So, I'll show you some basic plyometric movements. And they're just basically push-up movements. So the first one to start with would just be in a basic push-up movement here. Push up and bounce away. This is your basic plyometrics. Now remember they're not a fatigue or endurance exercise. They're just speed... looking at around ten repetitions and if you can't do ten repetitions, don't worry, you'll build. So once you start to loose speed, that's when you need to stop because you'll always build so that's not a problem at all. There are two of the basic things developing punching power and speed. One relates to the other. Thank you.


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