How Is a Boxer's Reach Measured?

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There are two ways to measure a boxer's reach, including the distance from finger tip to finger tip and the distance from shoulder to finger tip. Discover how a long reach can give a boxer an advantage with help from a former heavyweight boxer in this free video on boxing and boxing training.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I will show you how a boxer's reach is measured. OK, measuring a fighters reach. There's two ways of measuring a reach. It's like arms stretched out finger tip to finger tip is how to measure reach. The second way is from a shoulder to finger tip. Traditionally, the old way, used to be from finger tip to finger tip. That was the traditional way of measuring a fighter's reach. Reach is important for one thing. It gives you an advantage. Obviously if you are a 70 inch reach and I'm a 74 inch reach I have a four inch advantage over you. So if I'm a boxer then my reach is my main goal. My target is my jab. I always have an advantage on you because my reach is much longer. I hit my target a lot sooner. On the contrary if you are a short guy, a fighter who moves in and out and ducks and weaves and sways, you'll get underneath a boxer's reach or his jab and sometimes you'll out jab a bigger guy 3 to 1. Now, this is what happened when I was fighting. I would always out-jab my tall guys an easy 3 to 1. Because it's very hard to distance or gage your distance on your jab when someone is jabbing up.


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