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The advantages of hybrid cars include increased fuel economy, reduced wear and tear items and incredible emission standards. Save money by not having to maintain or replace the starter or alternator in a hybrid car with information from a hybrid car salesman in this free video on hybrid cars.

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Hi, I'm Kyle with Toyota of Tampa Bay, and I'd like to talk to you a little bit about hybrid cars. Now, there's several advantages to owning a hybrid vehicle, the most common knowledge of which is to get increased fuel economy versus a conventional gas-only vehicle. Take the Prius, for example, versus another non-conventional hybrid vehicle -- just gas only. Camry, it's going to average about 30 miles per gallon. On a Prius, you can get between 40 to 45 miles per per gallon. People have even averaged over that in the 50 range. Now, aside from the gas savings, because that's what most people think of, the most important to me is your maintenance savings. Now, with a hybrid vehicle, there's a lot of reduced wear and tear items that typically can break down on gas-only vehicles, the first of which is the starter. Because the electric motor is responsible for starting the gas engine, there's no need for the vehicle to have a starter. Secondly, is an alternator. Your hybrid system regulates all the electricity through the vehicle so there's no need for the vehicle to have an alternator. Now, the way Toyota has their direct ignition system set up, there's actually no need for a plug wires or distributor as well. Now, the batteries don't need any maintenance whatsoever and with the regenerative braking on the car, you're actually saving your brakeware on the vehicle. It uses the regenerative brakes to charge the battery. With that continuous variable transmission, there's no transmission fluid in the vehicle either, so over the life of the vehicle, not only are you saving in gas, but you're also saving in maintenance, putting less wear and tear on the vehicle, not to mention the incredible emission standards. The Prius, for example, can drive across country giving off less emissions than a typical four-ounce bottle of nail polish remover. So you're doing something good for yourself by saving yourself on the pocketbook of gas, on maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle, but you're also doing something great for the environment -- reducing the amount of fossil fuels we're using, putting less greenhouse gases into the environment. I'm Kyle from Toyota of Tampa Bay, and that's just a few of the advantage of owning a hybrid vehicle.


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