Who Are the Best Debt Consolidators?

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The best debt consolidators have the client's interest at heart, as there are many scam artist companies who charge a large amount of money up front. Find a non-profit debt consolidator with advice from a licensed financial planner in this free video on personal finance.

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Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Bill Rae. I'm with HBW of Florida, and I've been in the finance field for well over twenty years. Today's question is an excellent one. Who are the best debt consolidators? Well, I think I am. Avoid Guido on the corner, however. No, just kidding. In today's environment, you need to be very careful when choosing what consolidation company you're going to go to. In my opinion, companies that charge you a great deal of money up front, should be looked at very, very carefully. If they're out to help you out, why are they putting you further in debt? Also, in the debt consolidation, do understand many companies out there are scam artists. There are many that would love for you to give up total control to them, and you have....send them money monthly with the idea that they're to pay off your bills. Now there are some legitimate ones, but you need to make sure that they are, indeed, paying off your bills. I'd be careful, also, about those companies that tell ya don't make payments to a company to force them into negotiation. Doesn't sit too nicely with most companies I know of. Easier to talk to them. When you're looking for debt consolidators, try to look for non-profit agencies. Try to look with those who have ethics behind them and have been in business for some time. As in all things, when you're looking around, ask to speak to people who have already used them. What's their opinion? If you can, speak to counselors. Speak to professionals, such as our company. Seek out before you sign. Make sure you know who you're doing business with. Make sure you understand the terms you're about to sign. Make sure you understand the actual costs involved. These things are very important for you to have piece of mind. My name is Bill Rae. I'm with HBW of Florida, and we're helping you build wealth.


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