Strength Training With Dumbbells

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Strength training with dumbbells targets the forearm, bicep, tricep, chest and shoulder muscles, but it can also work the abdomen when used correctly. Keep the core tight and aligned when strength training with dumbbells with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Rebbecca and I'm here at Encore Gymnastics and I'm here to teach you about strength training with dumbbells. Now dumbbells are weights, free weights that we use by lifting them up with our hand. They target the forearm, the bicep, the tricep, the chest, the shoulder and sometimes the stomach if we use it properly. Basic, basic things with dumbbells, we want to make sure that it's not too heavy. This here is a 20 pound dumbbell, it's probably too heavy to do basic, basic things with but what we can do is we really want to concentrate on keeping our body nice and alignment, if we want to pull up and pull back down working the bicep and then the tricep, that's good. We can lift with both hands, lifting up working the shoulders and coming back down. If you feel as if your body is starting to lean back when we're doing this, it's too much weight. We want to go ahead and drop the weight. We want to hold our tummy nice and tight, lift up and bring back down. If there's too much fatigue in your arms, you can either lower the weight or do less reps. I recommend maybe 5 to 10 reps starting out, we'll do 3 sets of those just to start out. If it's too much, lower it, do 2, lower the weight, take it from 20 pounds to 10 or 10 to 5 or 5 to 2. It doesn't really matter, you can also use the lightest of the lightest wrist weights or ankle weights. But the dumbbell training is for a more physical exercise and we want to make sure that we're holding on tight and we're using the correct weight. And that is strength training with dumbbells.


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