How to Gain Muscle Mass

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To gain muscle mass, use either free weights at the gym, use an elastic fitness band to create resistance, or use traditional resistance exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Gain muscles using a variety of methods with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I'm here at Encore Gymnastics. I'm here to teach you how to gain muscle mass. There are two different ways we can gain muscle mass. One is by lifting weights, and the second is by using resistance training, so that the muscles are working against themselves to build themselves up. This works great if you don't have a set of, you know, weights or anything at home, and you just want to work on resisting at home by yourself. The first thing we can do, is a basic push up is a resistance exercise. Or, squats where we go down, and touch, and come back up, and squeeze. The important part, would be that we come down, as we come down, we want to push our legs into the ground, squeeze the gluts, and squeeze the stomach as we come up. That's resisting against our own body weight to build muscle. Any basic movement, moving our arm up and pushing our arm back down, can build any kind of bulk muscle. All that resistance training works together. We can also use an elastic band. These can be bought at any kind of fitness store. A lot of times we use elastic bands in gymnastics or dance, or any other type of work out exercise. We can put it on the ground, step on it, and work bicep muscles. Or we can put it on the ground, and we can work our leg muscles by lifting and resisting against and working our gluts. And the obvious way everybody knows about, is the weights. We can use weights, coming in for the biceps. We can strap ankle weights to our ankles, and build up our leg muscles. We can hold the weight here, as we do sit ups and work our crunching muscles and our abdomen. We can do all kinds of different training. So, the best way to gain muscle mass is A, resistance training which works great if you don't have any weights. Or you can do weight training which does build a lot of bulk muscle, and shows a lot of definition. And that is how you build muscle mass.


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