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Building up the chest and arm muscles can be done using free weights, such as dumbbells, large soup cans or 2-pound wrist wraps during various exercises. Concentrate on the chest and arms with exercise advice from a gymnastics teacher in this free video on physical fitness.

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Hello. My name is Virginia Kelley and I'm here with Rebecca. We are at Encore Gymnastics and we are going to give you some tips on how to build your chest and your arms. A lot of these exercises that we're going to do, you can use any kind of weight with. Free dumbbells, soup cans, the you can even wrap the two pound wrist weights, anything like that. But make sure that you don't start feeling fatigued right away because then your weight is a little too heavy for you. You want to be able to do, about fifteen reps before you start feeling, feeling it. Then you're going to want to do, maybe three sets of each. So you're first set would be fifteen, then you wait, then you do another set of fifteen. And then another set, so by the time you're on that third set, the fifteenth one, you should be pretty, pretty much done. So if you do these about every other day, you're going to get a nice chest and arms. Go ahead and lay down Rebecca. You're going to want to lay down. You want to make sure your body is flat, your feet are flat on the ground. And we're going to start out with the "fly". You're going to start with your arms up, together, and you're just going to open them out and then pull them in. Very good. This will work your biceps, your shoulders as well as your pectoral muscles. In and out, you want slow fluid movements, you don't want to do these fast that will shorten your muscles. The longer you extend them, you're going to have nice long, strong muscles. Our next exercise, you start with your arms in and then you're going to pull out to the side. See how she switches her wrists. Now her finger, open your hands. Her hands are facing me at this point. Now keep your hands open so they can just see this. As she rises and brings them together her hands twist in. This is going to round out the motion you're using, that you're doing and it will strengthen the entire muscle. It works the whole shoulder as well as your pecs. So we go down and open and up and in, and out and open and up and in. Very nice. Good. So these, these are some exercises that you can do on your back. These will really work your chest. And then, of course we have our push-ups. And we can do all levels of push-ups. Don't think, Oh I can't do a push-up, it's going to be too hard. Let's start out with the easy one. (laugh) You can start out on a raised surface, hands up on the edge. Nice straight back, you want to make sure that your bottoms not sticking out or if it's slouched way down low. Nice line from the shoulders all the way to the heels. You're going to bring your chest down, again nice and smooth all the way back up. And again, nice, smooth, full motion. Once you get through this, and this is pretty easy, you can start doing your push-ups on to the floor. That would be the next step, and then, if that gets too easy, you can move on to a more advanced shoulder, chest, and arm push-up. Feet are now on the raised surface. And a push-up down and up. Wow, very good Rebecca. And then you can move on to that move. So, if you take these exercises and you implement them a few times a week. Three sets of fifteen, your shoulders and chest, should be looking pretty good.


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