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A handstand flip, or a front handspring, has many elements, including a handstand and a handstand pop. Land tightly at the bottom when doing a handstand flip with help from a gymnastics coach in this free video on gymnastics and tumbling.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Caroline and this is Katy. And we're here at Encore Gymnastics. Today we're going to teach you how to do a handstand flip, also called a front handspring. So Katy's going to first show you how to stretch your wrists. Very good. Another one that you really want to stretch are your ankles. Excellent. And, finally she's going to do a bridge for you to stretch her shoulders and her stomach muscles. So she's going to push up, shoulders over her hands, straight arms, straight legs, feet together pushing out. You can rock back and forth in this position to get a good stretch. Come on down. Rock your back out. Very good. There are different elements to a front handspring or front handstand. The first one is a handstand. So Katy's going to do a nice lunge. Push all the way to a handstand. You want to make sure you can get to this position and you can push through your shoulders because you're going to need to do that for the handspring. Come on down. The next thing I'm going to have Katy show you is a handstand pop, so she's going to pop into a hollow body, and land on that mat on her back. So, lunge, handstand, push up, pop, and land tight at the bottom. Very good. The next thing she's going to do is she's going to actually show you the entire skill. Start in a nice lunge, and kick, feet together, pop, and finish up tall. When you finish this skill, you want to be looking at your fingers. You want your head to be back, and you want to be reaching as tall as you can. You want to be able to get a rebound out of this skill. So Katy, go ahead and do it again. We're going to start with that nice lunge, kick that back leg very hard. Once they're together, snap them down and land up tall on the other side. There's a big snap in the middle of this skill. We're going to go ahead and move this mat, and she's going to do it onto the floor. You can see her get a nice, big rebound. Reach, push, pop, snap! And landing tall with her head back. Very good. And, one more time on the floor. Start in a nice lunge. Kick hard. Feet together, snap! And, landing up. You want to make sure your hips stay out. A common mistake is dropping your hips and sitting when you land. This is not how you land a front handspring. You land it up here with your hips pushing forward. One more time, Katy, with the hips forward. Lunge, kick, snap! Keeping those hips up, head back, fingers tight. That is how to do a front handstand, or front handspring.


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