How to Do a Handstand on a Trampoline

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Before doing a handstand on a trampoline, a gymnast should make sure that they are strong enough to do knee drops on a trampoline. Build core strength to do a handstand on a trampoline with help from a gymnastics coach in this free video on gymnastics and tumbling.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Caroline and this is Katie. And we're here at Encore Gymnastics. And today we're going to teach you how to do a handstand on the trampoline. Before you do this, you want to make sure that you are strong enough to do knee drops on the trampoline. So Katie's going to go down on her knees, and she's going to snow you how to jump on your knees. Very good. This takes a lot of core strength, to keep yourself balanced. So you're going to want to practice that a little bit before you go. And she's going to stand up, and practice just a plain knee drop. So, knee drop, and stand up. Very good. She's also going to show you a doggie drop. This helps you learn how to put your hands on the trampoline. So, hands and knees at the same time. Excellent. The next thing that she's going to do is she's going to go knee drop to handstand. Now, as soon as her knees touch, she's going to throw her arms forward. So she's going to have her arms up, she's going to lock out her arms when they touch the trampoline, and pull her legs up behind her. Go ahead Katie. Very good. When you do that, you want to make sure you come back down on your knees, and back to a standing position. You want to be throwing your heels up. You want to kick your heels up, it's called the heel drive. But once you hit that tall body, you want to squeeze everything just like you hit a brick wall. So Katie's going to go ahead and do that again for us. Jump, knees, hands, hold, knees, feet. And, that is how to do a handstand on the trampoline.


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