How to Wrap Hair in a Doobie

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Wrap hair in a doobie by applying setting lotion to the hair and then wrapping all of the hair smoothly around a giant hair curler. Keep the hair as neat, smooth and straight as possible when wrapping it in a doobie with instructions from a hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Elizabeth Muller from Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to do a doobie. Now a doobie is really when the hair is completely wrapped and it has a roller in the middle. Latins use that term doobie. I remember working with a Puerto Rican friend of mine and they would never say an actual you know, flat curler, instead they would use the word doobie. So I take a big old curler like this and I would put this on a big head of hair like this. But you know what, let's take a little bit more hair since she's got a lot of hair on her head. You know, and we're going to separate it first o.k. So let's take the amount of hair I'm going to put on that roller, a little less than that, putting it out like this. O.k., I'm going to go ahead and tuck this away, put it away, before I can do the doobie. O.k., I'm going to put the pin here so it doesn't get loose. Alright, she's got a lot of hair so, you have to bear with me. There we go, hopefully it won't loosen up. If it does we can put a bigger one, we can secure it with another one. O.k., so there we go. We're going to go around the head of hair, o.k. making the hair flat on the head o.k., going around with the comb. I have placed a little bit of setting lotion in before. O.k., so you can use a little bit of setting lotion or some people just don't use any. But I use a little bit of setting lotion ahead of time. And you continue to use this like this going all the way around. Make sure that it's nice and neat and that you place it around the head. Continue to go around like this on the head, taking section by section because she's got a lot of hair. Most people who do doobies do have a lot of hair on their head and so you want to go ahead and get it as smooth as possible. It's a little difficult, especially if you're doing it at home but be patient. Just go around the head. You're going to place the roller right here and that's going to be your doobie, o.k. So just make sure that you have all this hair flat on the head and around the head o.k. You're going to go ahead and take this here and put your roller in there, o.k. You want it smoother than that actually, but I'm trying to make it a little quick for you, here you go. Place that big old roller in. Back in the day, people even used to put beer cans up here, can you imagine? Just go ahead and put this in here and set it on each side and you have your doobie right here. This has been Elizabeth Muller.


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