Who Invented Basketball?

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The inventor of basketball was James Naismith, and he created the game in 1891. Find out how Naismith started the game of basketball with peach baskets with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on the invention of the game of basketball.

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Video Transcript

The game of basketball was invented in eighteen ninety-one by a man named James Naismith. Basically he was told he had fourteen days to invent a game that would be appeasing to a lot of people who could not do anything in the winter months. So as a physical education teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts which is right here he said, ok, lets get some peach baskets which were the original hoops, he raised them about ten feet high on opposing sides so which the opposing sides of a court that you would be familiar with, at that time there were not any measurements around the court so it was just a general area. And what he did is he invented thirteen basic rules that they would follow with what was then a soccer ball, they did not invent a basketball until later. So there you have it James Naismith, also, you know by the Springfield memorial or the James Naismith memorial which is the basketball hall of fame, he invented basketball.


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