What Is the Correct Way to Dribble a Basketball?

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The correct way to dribble a basketball is with the fingers because they allow for greater efficiency and control. Find out how to dribble a basketball below the waist with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on playing basketball and basketball skills

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Video Transcript

What is the correct way to dribble a basketball? You want to make sure you're efficient and skilled as possible. So, the common mistake that a lot of people do is they will dribble the ball with the palm of their hand instead of the fingers, fingers for more efficiency. The high of the ball the higher you're dribbling it, the more accessible you are to get it stolen. So, you want to make sure that it's right around your waist or little bit below the lower, the better. Dribbling while moving you always want to make sure you have a guard hand up to protect the ball just in case an opponent there. Make sure you're guarding the ball as efficient as possible and when you move keeping your guard hand keeping the ball steady and you want to make sure you keep the ball low and keep your eyes up so you can see your teammates and pass the ball whenever you need to do so at efficient time or the right time.


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