What Vitamins Make You Taller?

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There are no vitamins that make you taller, but practicing proper posture, stretching and elongating the muscles, and staying active and limber can greatly enhance the health of the body. Understand the relationship between height and DNA with healthy advice from a wellness consultant in this free video on dieting.

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Video Transcript

Hi there! I'm Isabelle Simon, I'm your Wellness Consultant and today I'm here to help you understand what vitamins make you taller. Actually this is a question that we've had and I'm here to answer it. Well the answer is, don't be so disappointed, but to my knowledge, there is absolutely no research that shows that a vitamin that could make you taller. Our height, the same as the color of our eyes, the color of our skin; the type of hair, whether we have straight hair, dark hair, curly hair, is base on DNA and our ancestors. And we have ancestors that are tall men, some ancestors they are shorter. So taking any type of supplements is not going to help at all. However, if you, you know, have bad posture; in other words if you hold you know, yourself like this, you may lose right here, right there three or four inches. If you stand up straight, you will get a little taller. Stretching, you know, throughout the day will help elongate those muscles and will help you get taller. So, those would be my recommendations, but unfortunately, there is no vitamins at this time that will help you do so. I hope you learn something new today. I'm Isabelle Simon, your Personal and Workplace Wellness Consultant. See you soon!


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