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Making scented perfume is a process of blending base notes, middle notes and top notes, in the form of essential oils, with a carrier oil to produce a layered, dynamic scent. Create interesting perfume scents with helpful advice from a natural perfume producer in this free video on perfumes.

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Hi, I'm Stephanie from and I'm going to show you how to make scented perfume. We will start with essential oils, and these are the distilled product of a plant. A plant that is distilled gives off the essential oils which is, which has the scent molecules of the plant. And when I'm making perfume, I dilute the essential oils in a carrier oil. Some people use Jojoba oil. Another good one, the one that I use is fractionated coconut oil. Now what you'll want to do is start blending a base oils, base notes, middle notes and top notes. Base notes are the longest lasting ones. They'll be things like tree resins and woods and then the heart notes, not as long lasting, but they are the hear...essentially the heart of the perfume. And the top notes will be the ones that come off the perfume fastest, things like citrus oils. But when you're creating perfume, you want to mix the three of them together to have a dynamic layered perfume smell. So what you'll want to do is gather together the essential oils that you want. I'm going to start with these three oils. Sandalwood is my base note, lavender is my heart note, and green mandarin as my top note. And essentially, you're just experimenting. There's no set rules about what goes together the best. So just get together at least three oils, one of each type, and you can add as many base notes, heart notes or top notes as you like, but try different combinations. I'm going to put in ten of each oil just to make a nice round number. P-put ten drops of each of these oils into the mix, and then to calculate how much of the carrier oil, I'll multiply the total number of drops by four and that'll give me eighty percent carrier oil, and twenty percent essential oils. Now these, when they're all mixed together, you can smell and evaluate and adjust if you smell too much of one note or another, and to blend it to your liking. But you'll want to wait about twenty-four hours for the oils to sort of meld together. Sort of like marinating, and once they've melded together, then you'll get a better idea of what the finished perfume. Now after about a month or two, it will be completely melded and matured, and at this point, you will have a finished perfume.


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