What Are 3 Ways to Prevent Rust?

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Three ways to prevent rust on a car include keeping a car clean, taking care of paint chips and scratches and keeping a car waxed. Keep a car from rusting by buffing out paint scratches with help from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Mechanic out of Redding, PA and today we are going to talk about three ways to prevent rust. Your first step in preventing rust is to make sure you keep your vehicle clean, keep the tar and stuff and the road dirt off your vehicle for as much as you possibly can, wash it at least once a month and when you are washing it, step two it to make sure if you see yourself any scratches or any gouges in your paint, any paint chips, you want to take care of that. That is definitely step two in preventing rust because once you get that first layer of clear coat off and you are down to the paint and it gets into that metal that is when it starts to rust. Now your third step is taking care of your scratches if you have got any and give yourself a nice little polishing compound, maybe even a light rubbing compound, nothing real severe and you see if you have got a couple scratches running down through here already been down through the clear coat, go ahead and get yourself a little bit on either a towel or a terry cloth and you can actually find to work anything that is nice and soft you don't want to get anything that is rough like any kind of a sand paper or anything like that you really don't want to use because that is just going to make your problem worse than it was. Get the scratches out as much as you can rubbing it by hand. You can use a buffer if you want, just watch your corners you will end up gouging out the paint with that thing spinning but a buffer will work well just use a lot of caution when using it and the last step once you get it all, the scratch rubbed out is go over it with a little wax and make sure that it is all nice and protected when you are done buffing that scratch out. But keep it clean, take care of all your scratches and keep it waxed are your three steps to prevent your vehicle from rusting.


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