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When looking for a car at a junk yard, it's important to talk to the people running the junk yard to find out the extent of the damage. Look for notes left on cars at junk yards with help from a certified master mechanic in this free video on cars and junk yards.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Tech out of Redding, PA. Today I am going to try to answer a question of how to find a car in a junk yard. This particular vehicle that I am leaning on is a 95 Pontiac Grand Prix. I got this one out of a junk yard and salvaged it before it ended up getting dismantled. This particular vehicle had blown head gaskets, bad intake gaskets and it probably would have cost you about $1500 to fix it so they figured just send it to the scrap yard. Now fortunately for me it was easy enough for me to fix it and it cost me about $150 bucks and I've got myself a decent car to beat around with. But the easiest way I can tell you to find a car in a junk yard and some of the things you might want to look out for while you are walking around inside of a junk yard looking for a beater car or parts for a car that you are working on is just get out there and talk to people that are actually running the junk yard, picking up the phone and calling these guys. They usually don't want to work with you but if you get out one and one and actually physically talk to them they're more than willing to talk to you on that level but some of the things you want to look for if you are looking for parts on a vehicle a lot of times you will see in a junk yard there will be notes written on the windshield, good motor, bad trans, bad motor, bad trans, or bad motor and bad trans but if you are looking for an alternator, radiator, whatever you are looking for out there check out the notes that they have got written on the vehicle. You want to look for a vehicle that obviously hasn't been in an accident, the extent of the damage that has been done to the body if you are going to restore it, general parts on a vehicle, sometimes you can actually just look at the overall shape of it when you pop the hood in the yard. The easiest way I could say in finding a vehicle in a junk yard is just get out there and walk around and look and talk to the people that own the yards and operate the yards and they can usually tell you where the decent vehicles are to purchase, restore or take parts off of.


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