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Flea bombing is when aerosol cans are used to release a fog that will kill fleas or flea eggs. Find out how many flea bombs to use on a given area with help from a pest control operator in this free video on flea control and extermination.

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Video Transcript

Hi friends, I'm Mark Govan here with ABC Pest Control and we're going to talk about flea bombs. Well you know a lot of people go to the store and they buy these products which are aerosol dispensers and what you do is you take those dispensers, you bring them home and you turn the key sometimes or sometimes you just set it for a time period and what it does is releases a fog into the air. Now what will that fog do? That fog will actually cover all the carpeted areas in the house as well as your furniture and it will kill the eggs and it will also kill the flea itself. Now remember, a lot of times it take a little bit of math to figure out how many of these flea bombs are necessary to control the problem that you have inside your house. Read the label very carefully. If it says it takes 1 per 1,000 square feet, well and you have a 1,200 square foot house, you might have to use 2 of them. And you put those in the home, different parts of the home, you have to turn off your air conditioner, very important to turn off your air conditioner and close all your windows. After you do that, you can release the aerosol, whatever type of flea control material that you have, it will release the material through the home, you come in about an hour later, you open the windows back up, you can turn the air conditioner back on, let it run for a while and after that you should be flea free. I hope this will help you to take care of your pest control problems because this is Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control helping you prevent fleas in your home.


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