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To write college papers, avoid putting it off until the last day, find lots of sources, spend time researching the topic, write multiple drafts and proofread. Consider stepping away from a college paper to get perspective for a day or two with advice from a writing instructor in this free video writing lesson.

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Hi, I'm Laura from, and I'm going to talk about how to write a college paper. There's some basic information that will help you to do a good job on your papers, so I'm just going to give you a little bit of some advice about how to go about it. And one of the most important things is don't procrastinate, don't wait until the last minute to do your paper, that always ends badly, so start- when you get the assignment make sure that you take note of it, don't store it in the back of your mind, take it seriously and get to work on it, come up with a schedule for how you're going to get it done, so that you're not up all night, the night before throwing something together. Another important thing to keep in mind is that more sources are better, don't just get one book or one resource and base your whole paper on that source. Try and find some opposing points of views even, or some sources that have some contradiction with each other. The more you can bring in scholarly sources and closer to more recent the better. So really spend some time doing research, spend time in the library, spend time using search tools to find really credible sources that will help you to really do a thorough job with your paper. Do multiple drafts, don't just write the paper and hand it in, you really need to spend some time going over it, read it, then reread it, edit, have someone else read it and make suggestions or ask questions. The more you can use the draft process the stronger your writing will be, so make use of that. And again, that's why you need to not do it the day before it's due. Another good thing to do is to step away from it for a time. If you write it leave it alone for a little while, maybe 24 hours and then come back to it with fresher eyes, and you may see some things that you weren't able to see while you were writing it, or while you were doing your initial review. Again, all these things mean that you need a little more time than just getting it done the day before. So, the last important thing is to proofread, make sure that there's no typos, and hand it in in the format that your professor has requested. And these are some ideas about how to do college papers.


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