How to Improve Your Handwriting

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Improve your handwriting by looking at pictures of neat handwriting, working on the spacing and placement of letters on a line, working on the shape of letters, and working on the spacing of words in a sentence. Practice consistent handwriting using a model with advice from a writing instructor in this free video handwriting lesson.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Laura from and I'm going to talk about how to improve your handwriting. One of the first things you should do if you're wanting to improve your handwriting, or you have students who are interested in improving handwriting is to set a goal. Look at some other handwriting, and get a picture in mind of what you'd like to...what your handwriting could look like or what you'd like to improve about your handwriting. And so that might mean looking at some examples, either online or finding some student work of a student who does have really good handwriting. The nuts and bolts of handwriting improvement are looking at the spacing of the letters and the placement of the letters on line, so start with lined paper, and have students work with a writing utensil that's really comfortable for them. It feels good, and is a good weight for them and a good size for them. And then have them work letter by letter on where the letters fall within the lines, and also the shapes of the letters, and following a model that you can supply for them. They can work on each letter. After they've had a chance to practice on individual letters, have them work on sentences, topic sentences, that will give them a chance to work on the spacing of the letters. The way that the letters fit within a word, and then the spacing also of the words on a line. And one of the main things to think about with writing improvement, handwriting improvement, is that practice is going to be the best possible thing to do, so the more comfortable a student is with handwriting, the easier it will be for them to improve their handwriting. So those are some things to think about in how to improve your handwriting.


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