How to Find a Resting Heart Rate

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To find a resting heart rate, count the number of heart beats for a total of one minute, or count the beats for 15 seconds and multiply that number times four. Discover the normal resting heart rate, usually between 60 and 90 beats-per-minute, with information from a board-certified cardiologist in this free video on heart health.

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Video Transcript

I'm Steve Gigliotti an interventional cardiologist with and I am here to tell you how to find a resting heart beat. What your resting heart rate is is the number of beats per minute. The reason that this is important is there is a range between what is considered normal and abnormal, generally between 60 to 90 is considered normal. The first thing to do you are going to need a clock with a second hand and a way to find your pulse. The easiest way to find your pulse is either to find the area on your wrist or along the side of your neck. You can count the number of beats for a total of one minute or a faster way would be to count the number of beats for 15 seconds and take that number times four and that is how you find your resting heart rate.


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