How to Use Hand Weights While Walking

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Hand weights can be used while walking by holding them up near the shoulder, pumping the arms while walking and making sure they are heavy enough to create a workout. Add hand weights to a regular walking routine to gain arm muscles with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

So, walking with hand weights. Basically, you're going to want to make sure that the weights aren't heavy enough or, you know, too heavy for you, okay. And then from that, because you're walking with weights you're gonna', you're still going to want to, you don't want to just kind of let em' drag. You want to hold em' up, so now you got to activate those muscles and use those muscles, okay? So, as far as walking with those all you're going to really be doing is walking like you normally walk, except you're going to have your hands up, and you're going to have the weights going, okay, kind of in a motion here where you're using those weights to kind of gain power while you're walking, which is going to help increase the resistance which is going to make you burn a little bit more calories while you're walking, okay? And then also, the more movements that you do while you're doin' one thing the better it's going to be, because you're going to be using more muscles at the same time. So, while we're walking we could do this kind of motion here. We can do a curling motion while we're walking, okay. We can do a pressing motion while we're walking. Although it might look a little weird walking down the street, or walking somewhere doing this stuff these are all different alternatives that we can do to kill two birds with one stone, meaning walking and working out at the same time.


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