How to Get Bigger Arm Muscles With Hand Weights

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To get bigger arm muscles with hand weights, work the deltoid, bicep, tricep muscles and forearm through an organized resistance training program. Find specific exercise to gain larger arm muscle mass with tips from a fitness facility manager in this free video on exercise.

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Video Transcript

Okay, so as far as getting your arms bigger, the first thing that we have to do, is we have to kind of define on what the arm is. So your arm is made up of your deltoid, which is your shoulder. Your bicep, which is the front of your arm. Your tricep, which is the back of your arm. Your forearm, which is your forearm, the lower part of your arm. Now as far as, how do you use hand weights to get those bigger, all that's going to be dictated in term now is going to be your resistance training program. So as far as with that you have different kind of exercises that you can do. You can do exercises that are going to work the shoulders, such as a shoulder press, shoulder raises, reverse flies, those kind of things like that. Exercises that are going to work your biceps, you have regular bicep curls, hammer head curls, you have reverse curls, that are going to hit those different parts of the body. As far as for your triceps, same thing, you have a regular straight tricep, which is going to hit the back of the arm, you have a reverse tricep, you can do an overhead tricep press, use dumbbells as far as like a kick back, to just kick back in motion, to kind of help activate those triceps as well. And then as far as for your forearms, those are going to be different kinds of curling motions at your wrist. So you can curl forward, you can curl backwards, and then you can curl to the side, to make sure that you hit your whole, all your forearm muscles. Quick break down: shoulders: shoulder press, shoulder raise, reverse flies. Quick break down: biceps: curl, hammer curls, reverse curls. Quick break down: triceps: overhead press, kick backs. Quick break down: forearms: front curls, reverse curls, side curls.


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